Steel Building Prices – How much should I expect to pay?

Steel buildings provider cheaper alternatives to traditional brick or wood frame buildings and can be easily adapted to any commercial or domestic specification. All you need to begin a steel building project is a secure concrete foundation and permission from the local planning authority. Due to their structural simplicity, many types of steel building can be assembled without the help of skilled labourers and specialist tools. Even if you do need to hire a specialist steel building construction team, the saving on a traditional build will be substantial.

The following prices are based on quotes gathered from suppliers around the UK, however, prices can vary greatly depending on the planned building’s location and size. If your building supplier does not employ a construction service, the cost of local contractors should also be considered. Most residential and commercial buildings also require insulation, glazing and wiring, and these can add considerably to the basic prices for building and installation listed below.

Getting Started

Once you have decided what purpose steel building you wish to buy, the only prerequisites are planning permission and a strong foundation. Planning permission fees are set nationally and information on the current rate is available on most local council websites. Most steel buildings require a concrete foundation, which will cost around £50 per square meter to install. Some suppliers include this cost in their overall quote if they are managing the entire build, however if they are mere supplier the building they will not.

Building Costs

Of the two main types of steel buildings, arch style structures are the cheapest, though they are not generally suited for lengthy human habitation.

Residential Scale Buildings

Residential scale arch style buildings such as single car garages or large sheds, with floor space of around 20 square metres cost between £2000 and £3000, while smaller sheds, with floor spaces of around five square metres cost between £200 and £300. Of course as the scale of an arch style building increases so does the price: at the opposite end of the size spectrum, an arch style aeroplane hangar with around 8000 metres squared of floor space would cost between £300,000 and £350,000.

Rigid frame buildings

Rigid frame buildings are adaptable for use as houses and offices, and their increased complexity necessitates a higher outlay. Rigid frame steel buildings cost between £50 and £100 per square metre of steel used. Prices from companies that included construction costs in their overall quote tended to add between £50 and £100 to this cost per square metre. The structural steel, such as supportive girders and braces, is priced by the tonne and costs range between £1500 and £2000.

The higher end of the pricing spectrum in these estimates is based on quotes gathered in London, where construction costs are the highest nationally.

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